Auto Body Collision Repair FAQ

How long will my repairs take?

Obviously, no two repairs are the same, but I can tell you that EPW tends to under promise and over deliver. This goes back to our core values. If I think it is going to take five days. I will tell you seven. So you are always getting your work on time.

Do you work with all insurance companies?

Yes! We have fantastic one-on-one relationships with field adjusters and representatives from all insurance companies. We value our relationships with each adjuster. Through the years we have learned the ins and outs of how to work best with each company.

Do you work at my insurance company’s rate?

Yes. Most insurance companies base their labor rate standards on what is called a Labor Rate Survey, which comes up with an average price that they will pay in our area. You will never be asked to pay any more than your insurance company has agreed to pay. Learn more here.

Will you waive my deductible?

Unfortunately, no. A deductible is set in place by your insurance company. And by law, no auto body shop can waive your deductible. Using this as an advertisement or marketing plan is just wrong. However, after the repairs are approved by your insurance company, we can then build a creative collision repair plan that works for you and your financial situation.

Do you have loaner cars?

Yes. We do provide free replacement vehicles and we have great accounts with local rental agencies.  During your collision consultation with us, we will go over your rental car options and come up with a replacement vehicle solution that works best for you.

Why Eddie’s?

Some companies out there are in it to win your business, EPW is out to keep your business. There is a HUGE difference between the two business models.

All of the money we save without large advertising ads or radio commercials we spend on giving back to the people. We will adjust a misaligned door, polish out that little “oops” on a borrowed car, tape up a broken taillight or take the time to explain the process of a total loss situation to customer who isn’t even having repairs done at the shop.

That is a cost of doing business that has somehow slipped through the fingers of America. We feel that all that good comes back to you with loyal customers and great referrals. We are proud of our loyal following and know that good work creates great customers.

By choosing us for your auto body needs, know that you will be more than satisfied with our service and our work.