Auto Body and Collision Reviews for Cotati and Rohnert Park

What Our Customers Say:

Branden W.
Colusa, CA
I took my car to Eddie’s to get some minor paint issues and door dings fixed. Eddie the owner and the Receptionist were very nice and helpful. In the end the car looked great and I was pleased with the whole thing! I will say the cost of getting what I wanted done (money wise) was a bit high but in the end I believe it will bring the value of the car up when I turn around and sell it. Thanks so much Eddie and crew! Great work!

Rami S.
Santa Rosa, CA
Eddies Paint works came highly recommended by Victory Chevrolet as well as friends. I contacted Eddie after my car was keyed by someone in a parking lot. My front quarter panel and driver door were keyed really badly.. it was disappointing driving my car..

Eddie handled my case very professionally and with confidence. After contacting my insurance company, they preferred I send my car down to one of their “certified” autobody shops however when I mentioned Eddies Paint works the adjustor backed off and said he had worked with Eddie for years and never heard any complaints.

Took my car in without a blink of an eye. Drove off with a complimentary loaner vehicle and four days later my shiny black Vette was back to life!

Paint job looks stunning! No sign of any vandalism. The new paint is blended and matches the rest of the car perfectly.

Job well done! Thank you

Devin M.
Santa Rosa, CA
If I could give Eddie 10 stars, I would without a doubt! I am a car guy, and have done some of my own body and paint work in the past. I’m a perfectionist, and a stickler for detail. I have had terrible experiences with  body shops in my local area, from big names, to small. I was worried about my paint being matched, as my car is a 3 stage pearl white.

I found Eddie’s here on Yelp, and recognized the orange 68 Camaro in the posted pictures from the local car shows. The car looked flat out incredible! Based on seeing this car previously, and the reviews here, I chose Eddie. Boy am I happy I did!!!

This is the type of small business that we need to support in our area, the big shops treat you, and your car like a number. Get em in, get em out! Not Eddie, I felt comfortable with him immediately. My schedule is hectic, and he worked with me to make it all happen. He set up a rental car, was professional, personable, and and all around pleasure to work with. Jamie was also great, she dealt with my insurance who was fighting me, and stayed after hours to get my car back to me. Alex did a beautiful job detailing some unrelated spots around my car, and it now looks absolutely gorgeous!

I will always come to Eddie’s for repairs from here out, and would definitely recommend everyone else do the same! My next project car is going straight to Eddie too. I can’t say enough about Eddie’s paint works, a real class act! Thank you!!

Mombi G.
Cotati, CA
I sent Eddie’s a yelp message, inquiring about the possibility of a budget paint job, with a little body work for my son’s new, old truck.  The vehicle is in good condition (age considered), but is 3 different colors of primer, with a little rust and a couple of dents. We were, by no means, expecting perfection- just looking for reasonable improvement.   I have been to a couple of places and was either politely turned away, or had my 4 calls ignored (thanks for nothing, Maaco) following a consultation.  I decided I would try a message beforehand, instead of being discouraged after an ‘in-person’.
Shortly after sending a message to Eddie’s, I found someone for my job.  The day after that, I got a phone call from Eddie, asking if I still needed an estimate/consultation.  He was so kind, and asked specific questions about my job, even though I feel comfortable with the individual that I’ll be using.  He took no offense, and offered helpful information as we went over my needs.
In closing, he let me know that if for any reason my job doesn’t get started, I should give him a call.  It’s not a big money-maker, but he had decided that he would do the best he could by me after reading my message.
Giving me the time and consideration… I’d say that you did the best you could by me, and you have my sincere appreciation and admiration.  I hope my job goes well, and I am happy that I have someone to call if we don’t get lift-off.  Fingers crossed.  (and thank you, again!)

Robert H.
Rohnert Park, CA
I’ve gone to school for auto body repair and have an auto detailing business Dr. Detail.
My eye and knowledge of this industry is higher then most. Eddies is the only shop I recommend. Most collision repair shops miss the small details of the repair. Hard lines in jambs, overspray on adjacent panels and or glass, too much orange peel in the paint, lack of block sanding, die back due to using the wrong reducer. The list goes on. I’ve sent Eddie several of my clients, picky ones. He does not disappoint.

Part of the reason may have to do with the fact they do collision repair and frame of restorations too. I know myself I can’t turn on and off a mind set from excellent to good enough. Or restoration to collision repair.

As a customer of your collision repair insurance company it’s your choice what shop you bring it to. Simply put, the end result is suppose to be “pre accident condition”!
If overspray, hard lines in jambs, wrong paint texture and other things I see all the time were already existing on your vehicle then take it to just any shop. If having look so good you truly can’t tell it’s been repaired, this is the shop for you.

It may sound like he’s my friend but he’s not, Eddie is just like me. He does not compromise and does an excellent job every time. I respect him greatly and don’t want consumers to be disappointed.

Paul B.
San Bruno, CA
Eddie’s Paint Works is an excellent Body Shop.  I have taken my vehicles to other shops over the years and Eddie truly stands out.  He’s very nice, runs a legit shop, and is a great communicator (he called me every time new info came about re: my insurance claim etc).

I’ve personally done body work and took classes many years ago, so I know what to look for in a shop.  Eddie met all my expectations.  He was even able to identify a problem with my truck’s frame, which another local shop didn’t see…thank God!  I’d hate to have had the repair work done with another shop and be driving down the road crooked to this day.

Eddie worked hard to make sure my truck had the OEM Parts that it had before the accident.  He was in my corner from the start, even fighting the insurance company for me.  He was very thorough in making sure the truck looked perfect…even better than it had driven in.

I recommend Eddie without reservation. He’s a true stand up guy in a world of shady body shops and unhelpful insurance companies.  He always kept his word and did the job right.  My truck looks awesome.  He even had the truck detailed before I drove it out.  The last time my truck looked this good was when it was driven off the dealer’s lot new.

Don’t go to another shop, don’t pass go, go and see Eddie!  You won’t be disappointed.

A truly satisfied customer!

Comment from Eddie S. of Eddie’s Paint Works
Business Owner
4/25/2014  Paul, you made my month : ) It takes a “true stand up guy” to recognize one ; )

Dominic M.
Rohnert Park, CA
I have a number of VW’s. I recently had Eddie’s sand and polish one of them and just polish one of the others. The day I picked them up I got a bunch of compliments. My daughter said that my 2007 orange Fahrenheit GTI looked like a new car!
Thanks for doing such a good job!!!
Next up: Paint my Chevy truck.
I will yelp the results on that one when it is done.
Great job.

Mike L.
Rohnert Park, CA
This shop is awesome! The guys in the warehouse are outstanding and have amazing craftsmanship. They are all extremely honest and do exceptional work. Eddie is a great guy and theres no BS. I would definitely recommend eddies to anyone i know. This shop dominates these well known bigger companies who push you out the door as quick as they can. I couldn’t be anymore happy ! My uncle would be so proud to see his truck looking so great. Thanks eddie !!!

Naja M.
Petaluma, CA
Eddie’s was recommended to me by a friend and I was 100% satisfied. My car needed some work after someone hit me in a parking lot and Eddie was very kind and did his best to explain everything to me, since this was the first time I’ve had to get any work like this done on my car. I’m not a car expert by any means, but I know that my car looks perfect and the service was outstanding.

Carl T.
Napa, CA
I use Yelp all the time and once again it was a success. I was down in the LA area when my new car was hit in a parking lot. I haven’t had the greatest luck with auto body shops in the past. From color match issues to the vehicle not being ready when promised.

When I first met Eddie I explained to him that I’m a bit of a perfectionist and only want quality over quantity. I told him that if I felt the car wasn’t perfect on delivery date that I wouldn’t be happy and that I would want it corrected. Eddie said to me, ” Dude, that’s the only way I work and I guarantee you will be happy.”

When I picked up my car It was flawless. I couldn’t be happier and from now on Eddies Paint Works is the only place I will be going. If you want a place where you can drop your baby off without any worries; take it to Eddie. If you don’t care about your investment, then take your vehicle to one of the places that has multiple locations with lots of radio commercials that is only about your dollar, high turn over and could care less about what you want. This is why I highly recommend Eddies Paint Works.

Angela V.
Napa, CA
Eddie has come to my rescue two times now! The first time my car was rear ended. Eddie repaired the damage within a week (needed a couple days for parts) and handled all the insurance business (not fun).  Just yesterday I sent him a pic of some damage (my fault) and within a minute I was driving to his shop. He was able to buff out the damage and make my car look perfect all before finishing a conversation on the weekend plans. My anxiety went from 20-0 in less then 3 minutes. Everyone needs an auto body shop like this in their lives.

Rosa S.
Rohnert Park, CA
My brand new Honda CRV was in a hailstorm in the Sierras which put hundreds of little dings in my roof and hood.  Eddie’s shop did an awesome job repairing everything and my car is perfect again.  Plus he worked with my insurance company so I didn’t have to deal with them.  I would definitely recommend Eddie’s to anyone.  THANKS EDDIE.

Audrey P.
Russian Hill, San Francisco, CA
Eddie’s Paint Works is amazing! A friend referred me here and I would definitely recommend it to anyone! I have a brand new Prius C and I dented in the side at a gas station on my own. The damage was pretty bad and made it so no one could ride in my back seat…. I took it to Eddie and he was super nice and gave me a bid on the spot. He told me to come back and he could make it good as new! He gave me a rental car and within a week my car was in excellent condition. You can’t even tell I damaged it! So very thankful for Eddie and his team he did an amazing job!

Lisa K.
Rohnert Park, CA
I had exceptional service at Eddie’s. The service was handled by a very professional staff who had the utmost care for my situation. My vehicle looks brand new again and I can’t be happier!

SergAnna S.
Santa Rosa, CA
Great Shop. Excellent Service. Great upfront communication. Car has never looked better. He matches paint perfectly and makes sure that you have quality parts. Fast and efficient so I was back on the road in no time! Fixed all the minor flaws I had inflicted on my car through the 3 years I have had it. He fixed my lose shifter and rear view mirror. Go see Eddie!

Jeannie C.
Santa Rosa, CA
There’s a lot of horror stories when it comes to getting your car repared. My experience at Eddie’s Paint Works is far from one of them. They were fast, friendly, helpful and the attention to detail was amazing. My car looked brand new when I picked it up. I will never choose another shop again and would highly recommend this business.

M W.
Rancho Santa Fe, CA
I am a Student at Sonoma state and unfortunately my car was hit in the parking lot while i was in class. Being new in the area i didn’t really know of any reputable body shops near me, but after some looking around someone recommended i try Eddie’s Paint Works, and i didn’t really know what else to do so i went to Eddie’s to see what they said, and im so glad i did. Eddie not only completely reversed the giant dent on the side of my car they did an amazing paint job that was flawless and Eddie’s worked very well with my AAA insurance as well as my parents. Eddies fixed my car fast and did an astonishing job.  Eddies comes highly recommended they fixed my car painted it cleaned it inside and out literally and made my car look better than it did before it got hit, i am thoroughly impressed and I will definitely use Eddie’s again for any body or paint damage I may have in the future.

This place is awesome!!! Very professional yet personable and amazing quality work. After getting a huge scratch on my car I took it here and am so pleased I did. Came back looking better than new! The staff is great especially Eddie, top notch guy who knows his stuff. I will always bring my car to Eddie’s!!!

Jennifer V.
Santa Rosa, CA
This was hands down the best experience I’ve ever had with a body shop. Eddie made the whole process as painless as possible.  The service was excellent, and my car looks great!   I will be recommending Eddie’s Paint Works to all my friends.  Thank you!!